Jeane Reveendran


A little about me

I started out with a small dream… to work at Pizza Hut ! It was between that and a dolphin trainer, and where I came from, we had no dolphins. I was raised in a country so small that we not only call it a dot, but we coined it the “little red dot” aka Singapore. The fact that many cultures had to stand on one foot pressed against each other 24/7 had much to do with my diverse culinary experience. Food from every Asian to Middle Eastern to Western countries was available at the slight turn of one’s head.

Australia was my next destination where I developed my skills of serving in hospitality, from a snack bar to a sushi restaurant. Since I moved to NYC, I also spent a good portion of my time at the world famous Lombardi’s Pizzeria (talk about a promotion in pizza kingdom).

Now I’m working at Amoraco with my secret ingredient passed down from mum which I CANNOT share with you. It’s LOVE. Oh man! I let it slip. What can I say? Food will only taste as good as the amount of love you pour into the meal.

At Amoraco I’m most known for my small hands that make the perfect bite sized brioche rolls, crab cakes, sliders… and basically anything that’s rolled, pressed or folded. I have a particular love for all Asian cuisine and particularly those flavors from my home country. Quick fact: Did you know that we don’t eat Singapore noodles in Singapore?!